TIMG_1019he Boho look is one of the most loved and loathed trends. Quite interestingly; statistically it never tends to sell particularly well, but be assured it is because they overdo the styling and create an overkill of the trend, instead of doing what we should do with all trends, which is mixing it up!

De Vallenger top 10 tips for creating a Boho look:

  1. Boho comes from ‘Bohemian’, originating from the 70’s, so wear that hair long. Middle part it and have soft loose waves or curls. A GHD iron or hair curler is perfect for this, but if limited on time, an easy tip is to twist your hair into a low bun and use a crocodile clip to fasten. Hop in the shower with it, without it getting wet and when you are out and let out your hair, there is a soft bounce.
  2. Think glowy but super natural makeup. They barely even wore makeup at those times! Less is definitely more!
    Big bangles. You can never go wrong or have too many. Wooden or wooden based always goes down a treat and mix them up. Don’t buy box sets, be creative and mix and match from a variety of shops. Places like primark are good for the cheap and cheerful!
  3. Get some fringe-ing in your life! Whether it is on a bag or a small fringe on a shoe, a little bit of fringe-ing does wonders and for this trend provided it is done in the right proportions, it should not date. A great idea is to buy some fringe-ing from a haberdashery store. Sew some ribbon either end of it and tie it around your neck into a necklace. A bright colour would be a lovely way to modernize the trend.
  4. A billowy sleeve is gorgeous and feminine and available left, right and centre at the moment with all the blouses on offer. Pick a soft colour, or even better a vintage print!
    Russell and Bromley is the Boho must have! They release a slightly different version of their ‘Sienna’ boot every year. It was made iconic some years a go by Sienna Miller. But it has remained a classic style and more than anything suits any age group! So even though you pay the £300- price tag, they are bound to suit you for years. They also get better with age and wear, plus look great with both skirts and dresses, or shorts and trousers.
  5. Don’t be afraid to wear a waistcoat, whether it be denim or another fabric, these look great and tailor in a billowy top, creating shape to our bodies. Be sure to choose a more classic style of waistcoat, as super trendy ones will date.
  6. Long thin necklaces and pendants not only elongate the body, making you appear taller, they also have a focal point, which creates a waistline to the eye. Don’t be afraid to layer them up. The more the better and the fashion now is to layer.
  7. A good old fashioned side bag will do you wonders. Whether you choose a classic Prada one, or whether you go for a vintage satchel, make sure you keep it long and a simple shape, either square or curved. These are also hugely practical, to not have to carry around on your arm constantly all day.
    Belt it. Belts are an accessory must have and just about anything goes. Wear them waisted or low slung. You could even put two thin ones together if brave, other wise plait some fine scarves in different colours and thread it through your belt loops.

So there you have it Boho-Babe made easy!

Caroline X