September 30, 2015
September 30, 2015



We were asked a very good question yesterday that we get regularly asked at De Vallenger Design.

How do I follow runway trends without looking ridiculous, as I am aged in my 30′s?

There are many perks of being a teenager to twenties in age. Aside of the obvious – glowing youth and wrinkle-free skin, in terms of fashion you can practically wear anything and get away with it, no matter how zany or mismatched it may be. It is a growing phase for one, working out your own likes/dislikes and developing a true personal identity.

As we near our 30′s, the art of sophistication arises. This scares many but is indeed a positive! Ideally your look becomes more polished, therefore you become more respected by others. You have also gone through 30+ years of clothing experimentation and generally have an idea of what you do and don’t like, as well as what looks outright ridiculous! Remember you are not alone and this gets asked regularly, particularly in ten-year age brackets of 30+ Years.

So how can you follow the trends successfully? At De Vallenger although we go absolutely crazy for a good catwalk show or that amazing new trend – we tell out clients over and over again, be aware of the trends and what is out there but do not heavily follow or rely on them. On doing so your clothing is likely to date very quickly. You must also remember what you see on the catwalk is always there to stand out, so it is likely to be the most outrageous or avant-garde style and colour used, from what the actual collection holds.

fashionpost-3With the knowledge in mind we are hoping to obtain a more polished look in our 30′s, the key is definitely less is more, and to take small details from the available fashion trends and use for yourself in an appropriate way. In saying this you are still young so don’t be too mean on yourself and have some fun with colour!

There is many ways this can be done, however my favorite is use of accessories. Accessories are like cushions on a sofa, they can so easily be changed. Wear a scarf in a hot print, and take a colour from it out, and wear it on your nails with nail polish. Wear the trend with your shoes. You can get away with most on your feet – regardless of being older than 20, and it will update your classic black trousers or jeans. Small details like this will mean you are set bang on trend, without having to change the entirety of your wardrobe.

Learn your body shape and what works for it. If you are an hour-glass figure and the trend is cinched in waists, then great follow it and adapt it into your life. If it is a more box look trend available – learn that this shape simply does not work for your body type, and follow another trend. Invest in better quality pieces for basics. They are worth the money and will last you your whole 30′s. Remember something as simple as a good quality and cut white t-shirt can look amazing with a big necklace or scarf. Think how Kate Moss does it regularly. She may be a model but she is in her late 30′s and knows the art of good quality basics.


At De Vallenger Design we have clients in age ranges from 25-85 Years and have styled women in sizes up to Size UK32. The same rules always apply. Learn your body shape, your proportions and what colours you like using, as well as that suit you. As colours pay an important part in psychology. Don’t hide your shape, you are what you are, no matter what size you are, so learn to flaunt your good parts so you feel confident day-to-day. Don’t hide under sack-like clothing, it never does any justice to anyone. And you don’t need to spend a fortune to look amazing. The art is mixing it up.

Embrace your 30′s it is one of the best fashion ages! A new-found look of sophistication, yet youthful enough to be able to experiment successfully still with colour.